BelforFX | Welcome


  1. How much is the minimum deposit amount in order to start trading?

    You can start trading at BelforFx with $100.

  2. Does BelforFX offer a free demo account?

    Yes, you can open a demo account with BelforFX and you can also practice with our webtrader, mobile platforms and our metatrader 4.

  3. Can I open a ECN account?

    Yes, you can open any of our accounts. Feel free to contact us for more information.

  4. What kind of financial products can I trade with BelforFX ?

    Diversify your investment portfolio with BelforFX ; you can take advantage of a wide range of financial products:

    • Over 54 forex pairs.
    • Metals.
    • Commodities.
    • Financial indexes.
  5. Which are the trading spreads and the trading commissions?

    Click here to see all our trading costs, commissions and charges for all of our products.

  6. can I trade all the financial products, using mobile devices?

    Yes, BelforFX provides platforms for mobile and tablet devices in order for you to be able to access to your account and trade anywhere.

  7. Is BelforFX a registered broker?

    Yes, BelforFx is registered in New Zealand under the FSP registration number: FSP245245. Click here for more information.

  8. Is there any BelforFX office near me?

    BelforFX has offices in different regions around the world, check our locations to find out which office is closer to you.

  9. I live in the United States. can I open an account whit BelforFX ?

    No, at this moment we are not able to open any account for US residents, however if you have a foreign passport you can open an account with us.

  1. How do i fund my account?

    You can fund your account using the following methods: Credit or debit card: once your credit card is approved and your transaction is proved by our compliance team, you will be able to trade immediately. Bank transfer: you can transfer your deposit from your bank account. Normally it takesbetween 3 to 5 business days, so you can trade.

  2. What type of credit or debit cards BelforFX accepts?

    Credit card (Visa, Master Card)
    Debit card (Visa, Master Card)
    Wire transfer

  3. How long will it take for my funds to be credit to my BelforFX account?

    Funds that are received during the day via a bank wire are going to be credit by the next business day.

    Please note that the credit card used for funding will usually be the same credit card that will be used to deposit any withdrawal that may be requested.

  4. Will i receive a confirmation whenever a deposit has been transferred to my account?

    Yes, a confirmation e-mail will be send to the email address provided on the deposit form with the transaction information.

  1. If i have a question during the weekend, what can I do?

    You can send us an e-mail with all your questions indicating if you want to receive an answer through a phone call or e-mail and we will be getting in touch with you as soon as the market opens.

  2. What benefits will i receive if i become a BelforFX client?

    As Client you will have a free and unlimited access to our Educational Center. Our Customer Service department will be available for you at any time, you will have technical indicators and markets behavior assistance.

  3. I am new in Forex and i want to learn how to trade. Can BelforFX help me?

    Yes, we provide to you all the knowledge and tools that you need to become a successful trader.

  4. Can BelforFX help me to install a new indicator?

    Yes, just contact our client service team and they will guide through it, step by step.

  1. 1. What happen if i place an order and suddenly my phone or tablet crashes?

    If you place a stop and limit order on your mobile or tablet it will automatically prevent any action out of the plan, otherwise you will have to get in touch with our trading desk by phone or email.

  2. I did not receive an email with my login and password information when i opened my account. What should i do?

    You should check your email junk folder and if is not there contact our customer service representative department.

  3. How do i modify the leverage on my account?

    You should get in touch with our client service team and they will be able to modify the leverage for you.

  4. What does social trading is?

    In BelforFX we offer you the possibility to follow the top traders, you will be able to see their strategies, stop orders and limit orders. Social trading allows you to see their statistics, profit trades, loss trades and their success rate.

  5. Does the mobile trader have a cost?

    No, the mobiletrader is a free application; if you want a demo account you can register and star trading with any of our platforms.

  1. Can I trade with some non-conventional forex pairs?

    Yes. BelforFX offers you a variety of forex pairs for you to trade.

  2. How does the rollover work?

    The rollover is the interest rate which is paid or received in each currency, click here to see how it works.

  3. What type of orders are available in BelforFX ?

    You can use any type of orders like pending orders, market orders, stop orders or limit orders.

  4. Does BelforFX allows hedging?

    Yes, hedging is allowed in BelforFX.

  5. Does BelforFX offer any technical analysis or trading ideas?

    Yes. We provide a variety of technical tools, trading signals, trading strategies and a full educational center which will help you to trade in the markets.

  6. Does BelforFX offer custom indicators?

    Yes, we offer a variety of custom indicators that you can download using your user id and password or you can get in touch with our client service team so they can help you to install them.

  1. What is a CFD?

    Contracts for Difference (CFD's) are a byproduct that allows clients to trade in a wide variety of financial instruments such as indexes, metals, grains and other commodities, providing flexibility on taking long and short positions without having to acquire the physical assets. CFD's provide an excellent diversification alternative to any trader.

  2. What types of CFD's can I trade with BelforFX ?

    BelforFX offers us and Europe indexes, commodities and metals.

  3. What type of indexes can I trade with CFD's?

    With BelforFX you can trade indexes such as the Down Jones 30, S&P500, DAX-30, CAC 100 and FTSE-100 among others.

  4. Which are the trading rates and spreads for CFD's?

    click here to check our CFD spreads.