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EURUSD $6.47
USDJPY $5.00
GBPUSD $8.03
AUDUSD $5.12
EURJPY $5.00
USDCHF $4.66
USDCAD $4.89
Margins calculated based on the standard leverage of 200: 1 and in market prices, based on the following formula:
Volumen x Market price = Required Margin

A customer may increase leverage on special request to our Customer Service department. In higher accounts, leverage is 100: 1. Leverage in CFD's is 25% of leverage applied to foreign exchange.

Margin is the collateral required to maintain an open position, this is not a cost or a transaction fee. For example, if you buy EUR / USD, the margin is $ 6.50 in a Standard account, but suppose that the market moves against your position until a Margin Call, which is a warning to notify you're about to run out of sufficient funds to maintain the open position if the market continues against them. In that case you could decide to close the position or deposit more money to maintain the open position.

The margin is a tool that allows Trading with leverage in the market to operate larger positions than the net capital invested in the account. In BelforFx we offer a default leverage of 200: 1, but if you need to increase your leverage, contact our Customer Service department. BelforFx has different levels of leverage 25: 1, 50: 1, 100: 1, 200: 1, 300: 1 and 400: 1.

By company policy, we do not allow accounts with negative balances, so the Margin Call will be used and the operation will be closed in the event of not having minimum margin requirement for trading.